National Camera Day 2022 images, Quotes, 29 Jun

The best National Camera Day 2022 images and National Camera Day 2022 quotes, theme, date, day and time is to celebrate today.

Smile ! Say Cheese! And Click. The NATIONAL CAMERA DAY is here. Today a digital gadget that is so common and important to us is CAMERA.

The National Camera Day is celebrated on 29th of June, every year. This day is celebrated to tell people about the Camera and its benefits that it has in our daily lives. 

Camera plays a vital role in our lives. It helps us to capture our special and important moments and take them with us forever.

The word Photography is an indivisible branch of a  Camera. The word Photography is derived from two greek words, which means “writing with light”.


The first camera was Camera Obscuras. It was created by an Arab Scholar, Ibn Al-Haytham. This camera for the first time demonstrated how light can be used to project an image on a flat surface. The basic idea behind the Camera Obscuras is a Natural Optical Phenomenon. 

After the Camera Obscuras a new camera type was invented which was PinHole Camera. The only difference between the pinhole and obscuras camera is that Camera Obscuras uses a lens and pinhole camera uses just a single hole.

The camera  which could preserve the photograph was first invented by French Inventor, Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1816. Niepce took the first photograph with his home made camera, which was covered by a Silver Chloride Cover.

The actual and real inventor of a perfect camera was Alexander Wolcott. Wolcott in 1829, invented a camera by which the clicked photographs do not fade easily.

After all these attempts we now are able to click pictures easily and perfectly by digital cameras.


There are several types of cameras all over the world. Here we are telling you about some common cameras.

  • DSLR Camera
  • Compact Digital Camera
  • Mirrorless Camera
  • Film Camera
  • Smartphone Camera

DSLR CAMERA: It is a Digital Single Reflex Lens Camera. This is one of the best quality cameras. It takes the best quality photographs to the next level of our imagination. This type of camera is remarkable for giving sharp and perfect photographs with beautiful background bokeh. And it helps in making videos so beautiful and attractive. Today most of the photographers and videographers use DSLR Cameras for the perfect shoot. The Canon’s DSLR Camera is most popular and in demand. There are two types of DSLR Cameras. The first one is the Full Frame or 35mm and the second one is the Crop Sensor or APS-C. DSLRs have fully customisable settings, large sensor for clear images, high resolution photo output, full HD and UHD output and wide variety of camera body and lens choices.

COMPACT DIGITAL CAMERA: This type of camera allows anyone to capture beautiful images by simply pointing the camera to the subject and clicking the shutter. It is also called a Point-and-shoot camera. It is a pocket side camera, which could fit in the pocket. It is a user friendly camera. It is light and compact and affordable. It does not need any extra film and lenses. It has full auto mode.

MIRRORLESS CAMERA: The most professional and latest camera is Mirrorless camera. They are a version of DSLRs. They are more compact DSLRs, which do not have any internal mirror for reflection on the sensor. These cameras are capable of capturing incredibly, high resolution pictures with faster shutter speed. Like the DSLR Cameras the Mirrorless Cameras are also of two types: Full Frame Camera and Crop Sensor Camera. Mirrorless Cameras are the collection of two amazing cameras,first is DSLR Camera because of its picture quality and second Point-and-shoot Camera because it is pocket sized and small sized. Mirrorless Cameras have simpler operations and controls. It is faster and better for making videos. It shoots videos even in lower modes.

FILM CAMERA: Film cameras are old style cameras but they are still used to produce vintage style photos with vignettes and instagram style filters. Medium format film cameras provide bigger frames. It is used for beautiful artistic photographs. It is a vintage looking hardware. It has a cheap and good quality lens.

SMARTPHONE CAMERAS: Nowadays shooting videos and capturing photos has become convenient and easier by the use of smartphone cameras. All the smartphones come with dual and triple cameras. One camera in the front for clicking selfies and other on the back for other photographs. The rise of smartphone cameras has reduced the use of point and shoot cameras because smartphones due to their size can fit in the pockets. Smartphones like vivo, iphones, and redmi are known for their better camera quality.


As we are talking about cameras, how could we forget about the photography styles and the popular photographers of our country. 

There are different types of photography around the world. We have some of them for you.

  1. Wedding Photography
  2. Event Photography
  3. Portrait Photography
  4. Product Photography
  5. Fashion Photography
  6. Travel Photography
  7. Lifestyle Photography

Now we have the names of the most popular photographers of our country, who are known for their work all over India.

  1. Raghu Rai [ New Delhi]
  2. Dabboo Ratnani [Mumbai]
  3. Atul Kasbekar [Mumbai]
  4. Dayanti Singh [ Delhi]
  5. Sooni Taraporevala [Mumbai]
  6. Arjun Mark [ Mumbai]
  7. Prabhudaa Das Gupta [Mumbai]
  8. Sudhir Shivaram [Karnataka]


As we are talking about cameras, then you should know about the best, popular and influential  photographs ever captured. We have some of them for you.

  1. The Ter-ror War, by Nick Ut in 1972
  2. Starving Child and Vulture, by Kevin Carter in 1993
  3. Tank Man, by Jeff Widener in 1989
  4. Falling Man, by Richard Drew in 2001
  5. Alan Kurdi, by Nilufar Dermi in 2015 
  6. Earthrise, by William Anders, NASA in 1968
  7. V-J Days in Times Square, by Alfred in 1945

So here we have all for you about the camera and its parts.

So enjoy the National Cameras Day 2022.


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