National Pollution Control Day 2023 Theme, Quotes, Images

National Pollution Control Day 2023

National Pollution Control Day 2023 Theme, Quotes, Images
National Pollution Control Day 2023 Theme, Quotes, Images

This day is celebrated on 2nd December. Pollution is one of the major problems facing the world today .Pollution is not only caused by vehicles but it is also caused by factories, deforestation, polluting rivers etc. Government has also organised many campaigns and conferences to educate people to decrease the pollution. So, this day is celebrated to create awareness about controlling pollution.  If we are dreaming and planning for our secure future then we should also step forward to take care of pollution which we are causing in our daily lives.

National Pollution Control Day History

Most of us surely listened about the Bhopal gas tragedy that happened on the night of 2-3 December in the year 1984. Most of the people in Bhopal lost their lives due to this tragedy. Thus, the National Pollution Control Day is observed on the 2nd December every year in the remembrance of those people. Bhopal gas calamity is considered as the World’s worst industrial disaster, and it occurred due to release of highly harmful methyl isocyanate (MIC) Gas. Around 3787 people died in this tragedy. There are so many causes of pollution like firecrackers, bomb blast, leakage of toxic gases from industrial areas, vehicles, and so on. The main purpose for celebrating this day is to spread awareness about the control of industrial disasters and to make efforts towards the control of pollution. Along with these the objective of celebrating this day is to encourage people to protect our air, water, and soil from being polluted.

Government has formed and declared many laws to control the pollution. Therefore, every year on 2nd December, National Pollution Control Day is observed to give attention towards the laws formed by the government and to bring awareness in people and mainly to the industries. National Pollution Control Day is the government body in India for the stoppage of pollution. It has a main work of checking whether all the industries are utilizing eco-friendly technologies or not. It is difficult to eliminate pollution properly but it can be reduced to the extent level by reusing the waste, prevention of plastic bags, treating solid waste, etc. 

About National Pollution Control Day 2023

 Wishing you all a very happy National Pollution Control Day. May, God give us strength and capabilities to save our nature from being polluted. If we want to take a fresh breath in a clean environment then first we must make our environment a green environment. On this day, I want people to learn how to reuse waste, and how to recycle things. We must take action to eradicate pollution to save our environment. These biggest environmental problems come from our actions, and our choices. So, I wish that all you need to support government policies and laws that are formed for the prevention of pollution. And prohibit yourselves to do any task that can be a cause for pollution. On this day, we must try to spread awareness regarding government laws to the backwards areas of people who do not have any kind of knowledge about this. It is also said. My warm wishes are with people who are trying to find solutions about eradication of pollution.

I wish all the people should consider it their duty to take actions for the control of pollution like throw the garbage only in the dustbin, never pollute the water and soil etc. By this, we can make ourselves to live in a healthy environment. On the National Pollution Control Day, the government tries to control pollution through various good ideas and plans. Biomedical waste and Electronic waste can be proved as the best example of reduction of pollution. A lot of chemicals come from industries and mix in the air that affects our environment. So, industries should follow all the rules, and regulations that are notified by the government, especially for the industries.

One of the best ways to celebrate this day is to give your contribution towards the clean and green environment. On this day, many programs are organized in schools and colleges to encourage students about this day and give them ideas for the prevention of pollution. There are many festivals celebrated in India that can be the cause of pollution like we burn fire crackers in Diwali which is the most factors of air and sound pollution, and spread colors in holi which is also the factor of air pollution. We should celebrate our festivals carefully and always keep in mind the problem of pollution. On this day, we must try to inspire people for the prevention of pollution and give them ideas for it. We must try to give our coming generations a pollution free environment. Pollution is not only the problem in India but also it is the worldwide problem and the government takes initiative regarding this globally.

National pollution control day 2023 celebrates on December 2, 2023. Send them National Pollution Control Day 2023 Theme, Quotes, Images who try for control it.

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