National Voter’s Day 2021 Theme and Slogan

National voter’s day

Voting is the right of every indian, who is eligible for voting. We have the right to decide the better future of our country, and for that we have to vote for our nation.

25th of January is celebrated as National Voters Day,every year in india. On this day in the year  1950  The Election Commission Of India came into existence. The National Voters Day for the first time was celebrated on 25th of Jan 2011. This day is celebrated to make people aware about voting. Many people in our country do not know the importance of voting and they do not participate in the voting process. So this day is started to tell people about the importance of voting for our nation’s better future.

This day is celebrated to tell people and make them aware about the right to vote and also about the democracy of india.

The National Voters Day celebration is organised by the Election Commission of India every year in Delhi. In the Celebration the Honorable President of our Country is presented as The Chief Guest of the day.

The event starts with a welcome speech, after that different programs like dance,song,drawing competition, etc are performed according to the theme of the year.

This day is observed on 25 January the aim of Indian government to celebrate this day is to encourage young voters to take part in political process this day is to Mark commissions Foundation Day National voters day is celebrated in Delhi each year in the presence of our honourable Prime Minister and some chief guest are also invited event is organised under which speeches are given many cultural dances music and competitions are done this day is very beneficial as we know this day spread Awareness to young voting generation



Election in a country or state or district is an event in which a group of people decides who is eligible and who will become our leader for the coming five years. Basically an election is a group discussion of the public in which people vote for their favourite candidate and the results decide who will be the leader.

In India there are Four types of Elections. First one is General Elections, which are also known by Lok Sabha Elections. Second is the State Assembly Elections. The third one is Rajya Sabha Elections. And the last but not the least Local Body Elections.


The Lok Sabha has 543 Members. After Every five years the Lok Sabha elections are conducted for the selection of these members. The candidates of the Lok sabha are called “Members of Parliament”. Every eligible indian citizen can vote for the selection of members of parliament. The Members of Parliament are selected for the five years. A party needs to have 272 members in the parliament to hold a claim to form a central government. The leader of the party takes oath as the P.M of india.


In every five years, the state assembly elections are conducted by the election commission of india. The state assembly elections are conducted to elect the Members of the State Legislative Assembly. The candidates who are elected in the state assembly elections are called “Members of Legislative Assembly or MLAs”.  Every indian citizen who is eligible for voting can vote for the election of MLAs. The total strength of the state assembly depends upon the size and population of the state. The leader of the winning party takes oath as the Chief Minister of The State.


The Rajya Sabha acts as a secondary level review  body in a procedure of converting a bill into an act. The Constitution of India makes some Restrictions to the Rajya Sabha, which makes Lok Sabha more powerful. The candidates of rajya sabha are not directly elected by the citizens. These are elected by the candidates who have already won the Lok sabha elections or the candidates who are directly nominated by the President of India at his discretion. Each member of rajya sabha is elected for six years but one third of the members are changed every year.


In the local body elections, the representatives are elected by the concerned people for a small geographical area. The local body elections are conducted to elect different types of local bodies like Municipalities,Panchayates,Corporations,etc.


Voting is a method for a group of people,in order to make a collective decision to elect a leader. According to the Constitution of India every eligible adult citizen can take part in the elections and vote for their favourite representatives. The eligible age for voting is 18 years. The voter should cross or be at the age of 18 to give a vote.


In the Constitution of India there are many rights which are mentioned. Right to vote is also a Constitutional Right. Right to vote is the right mentioned in article 19 of our constitution. According to the right to vote, every indian citizen who is eligible, who has crossed the age of 18 or is at the age of 18 has the right to vote for the nation, whether the citizen is of any caste,religion,state or gender.


The Election Commission of India is an autonomous Constitutional Authority which is responsible for conducting Union and State Election Processes in the Country.

The chief of the Election Commission of India is Mr. Sunil Arora.

The Election Commission is responsible for conducting fair elections in india for the selection of MPs,MLAs,P.M, President,etc.

The election commission has the responsibility of conducting the election as well as counting the votes and then announcing the results of the election.

The main motto of celebrating the national voters day is to make people aware about voting and the right to vote. So this voters day promise yourself that you will not miss the elections and vote every year at any how. This will be our contribution towards the development of our nation.

We will be back with much more interesting information and contents for you. Till then keep smiling and keep voting for the nation’s development.

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