Pitru Paksha 2021 Date, Pooja, Puja Vidhi and Samagri

Pitru Paksha 2020 will be on 1 September to 17 September 2020. Know about pitru paksha puja samagri and pitru paksha puja vidhi at home.

As we all know that pitru paksha is the month of our purvaj. According to Indian Hindu calendar, pitru paksha is dedicated to our ancestors. Pitra paksh is observed by Hindus and it is also written in Hindu, scriptures by the God that’s why this is the most important paksha of Hindus. Pitru paksha is also known as the pitri paksha. This is celebrated on the sixteenth day of lunar month when Hindus pay homage to their pitri means to their ancestors. The main observance of this period is providing food for our ancestors. This period starts from the full moon of month of bhadrapada and it ends after sixteenth day of this month when the moon is going to sleep. We had known this period as pitru pokkho, Solah Shraddha (sixteen shraddhas), Kanagat, Jitiya, Mahalaya Paksha and Apara Paksha, pitru paksha.

Pitru Paksha 2020 Date, Pooja, Puja Vidhi and Samagri

We can give wishes on the auspicious day of Shraddha of our ancestors to our parents, family members, to our friend’s relatives; neighbor’s family by saying Shraddha is the symbol of true reverence towards our ancestors, happy pitru paksha! According to Indian culture, and Brahma puran we should give charity to Brahmans on the date of shradh of our ancestors and can take wishes from Brahmans. Pitra paksh is observed to pay obesance to the soul of those who have departed for their heavenly abode. This scripted period is marked by many kinds of rituals, pujas, and many other ways by which our ancestors get the moksha. In Hinduism, it is extremely essential that once a person dies his near and dear ones make sure that his body and soul leaves the mortal world in a dignified manner. While a funeral is only for resting the body, it is mandatory for the soul to attain salvation or peace and for this it is important to perform Shraddha every year. 

We can give wishes to the members of our society who had loosed the People which was near and dear to them by giving a card in which we can write the sympathetic messages, our sweet thoughts, quotes like may god bless your nearest ones who have departed from the mortal world, and God may bless them for the moksha in the heaven on the precious day of pitru paksha. In these days, Shraddh, Pindadan and Brahmins are fed in the names of Pitras. According to religious beliefs, the souls of the ancestors are satisfied by performing shraadh and pindadan of the ancestors and feeding the Brahmins. It results in development of clam and lineage. Diseases and sufferings of family members are overcome. As we all know that pitru paksh meant to send good vibes, positive feeling and well wishes and joy to the departed souls wherever they might be, so we can also send all these by doing all the things with our neighbors, friends, etc. for their pitru’s also as to wish them the happy pitru paksh.

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