Plots Allotment Procedure Step by Step Guide and Documents Requirement

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A Plot is space for house or shop where can build house or shop as per owner desire. Housing board plots allotment procedure, fee, installment and requirement of documents should dig information because these help to get plot.

Housing board of affordable scheme bring plot scheme for residential and commercial. Mostly residential plot scheme bring. Residential housing plot scheme is most waiting, because it is available in easy installment with low cost by Government scheme. Housing board plots are useful and comfortable for residence. Housing board provide all basically services which are necessary for a family.

Bank offers 80% loan on housing plots so easy to pay. These scheme develop fast than other so people attract to housing plots.

What is plots allotment procedure and documents requirement? If you have already applied for housing plots then you should know complete procedure of plots allotment step by step online.

1. An interested applicants have to register for housing plots, it possible after announcement of plots registration procedure start. Plots allotment start after completing application procedure.
2. Candidates should wait after applying.
3. Plot allotment complete in two way. First way is – by computer or by manually.
4. Applicant’s id number will be selected by computer otherwise manually pick up slip of applicant name from box by a child or person.
5. Plots allotment complete on lottery draw, it is valid and depend on luck.
6. Plot allotment by lottery draw, people win for plots then they provides plots, if schemes are more than one then it provide according choice otherwise draw name allot serial by serial.

For example: Your name select in first slip and housing scheme is one then you provide plots no 1, then second to plot no 2 and so on. If housing schemes are more than one, choice of applicants check first then provide anywhere in rest of plots.

Plots Allotment Procedure Step by Step Guide and Documents Requirement

Step by step guide of plot allotment has given above, now know about what documents are necessary for plots allotment?
1. Your Registration fee slip.
2. Application copy
3. Address Proof
4. Agreement
5. DD
6. Bank Details
7. Your personal documents which you showed during registration like Rasan Card, Voter Id, Educational or business related, categories or income proof documents etc.

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