DMCI Homes Will Lunch New Housing Projects

MANILA, Philippines – DMCI Homes, the real estate arm of engineering conglomerate DMCI Holdings Inc., plans to embark on other projects in the provinces to support his plan to increase sales by 10 percent per year.

DMCI President Isidro A. Consunji said the developer looks at several areas outside Manila such as Davao, Bataan, Naga and Dagupan.

Consunji said the plan is to mid-mounted, skyscrapers and subdivision projects in these markets to support its growth.

“We are starting now, we’re already talking to some people. Provincial markets are now mature. Demand is growing. The growth of the outsourcing industry business process is to create a lot of demand for affordable housing, “he said.

Consunji said the company applies the same concept of “community and family” approach it has in Metro Manila for its provincial business planned.

“We want to sell below the P2 million market,” said Consunji.
For its existing projects, Consunji said DMCI Homes has focused primarily on medium to high rise residential development around Metro Manila, attracting “urban couples with one or two children.”

DMCI Homes forecasts growth of its residential sales by 10 percent annually from this year.

Are expected to book sales and sales this year to reach P22 billion last year P20 billion.

The company said earlier that he is preparing to spend as much as P12 billion this year as it looks to increase over a tenth year-end profits.

DMCI Homes is planning to launch five projects this year which will add 3155 units to its existing 40 completed projects consist of 28.854 units.

For next year, DMCI Homes will continue its expansion with nine new projects already lined up.

The nine new projects until the launch in 2016, will further strengthen the portfolio of the Company by an additional 10.770 units.

Since its inception in 1999, DMCI Homes has launched 56 projects consisting of larger than usual condominium units in the mid-height and high-rise developments.