Sad Shayari

We always read Sad Shayari. Sad Shayari hear and reading is the choice of some people and some people stay connected to them, because of this people are Sad.

Sad Shayari is of Hindi, English, Love and many other types. This person’s heart and heart remains attached to fire somewhere, due to this, Sad likes poetry. You can listen and read them anytime and anywhere. Sad poetry is different from other poetry.

In the words of Sad Shayari, there is a deep sense of feeling hidden. Very few people understand them, Sad Shayari connects us with a different feeling. Sad Shayari, everyone listens, whether young, young or old.

Sad Shayari tells us the reality of life. Which increases our level of thinking and understanding. It touches our hearts and minds. Sad shayari is also of different types.

We feel good after reading Sad Shayari. Sad poetry is especially liked by those who understand their language and emotions.

Such words would have been written in Sad Shayari, which would stop us. That’s why we feel like hearing this, someone is writing for us.

We read Sad Shayari quite often on social media. These captions, pictures, stories and status are invariably applied to what we read and also their comments.

It removes our loneliness when no one is listening and understanding. But when no one is there, she supports us at that time.

It is my intention to read Sad Shayari that we should continue to read them. Because it never lets us be alone. This is a good friend of ours.

Sad Shayari has been written by some writers and poets. It refresh our memories. It connects our thinking with those moments which have passed.

This simple poetry is also good and sometimes it makes us emotional too. But still we read them for our happiness.

Here are many such simple shayari that you can read. If you want, you can also share our page and send your opinion through comments with us.

Sad Shayari! Hi friends, I have collected some new Sad Shayari. Sad Shayari has been published. So check the latest Sad Shayari and share it with your lovely friends. Read it and enjoy you can hare it with your all lovely friends. Its give smile and happiness to everyone face. Laughter is the way to make smile on everyone’ s face. Laughter is the best medicine for our health. Be happy and keep laughing.

Jis khushi ki chahat thi mujhe khushi wo mili,
Pyar ke siva zindagi bhi mili,
Affsos yahi ki kisi ka dard na bat saka,
Wafa na kiya phir bhi mujhe unse wafa mili.

Is dil ko todo ya is pyar se rishta tod do,
Tujhe rokunga nahi chahe jo bhi saja do,
Aj bhi mai jis hal mai hun us hal mein rahunga,
Mujhe juda karne se pahle ek bar muskara do.

Ab Ye Guman Na Raha Ki Aaina Hai Dil Mera,
Toot Kar Patthar Pe Hi Jab Girna Mujhe Pada.

Tere Didar Ko Tarasti Hai Meri Ankhein,
Kabhi Fursat Mile to Apna Didar Kra Dena

Sad Shayari