Indian sandstone

Indian sandstone are of different lug type that are used. It is given below as follows. Indian sandstone is a very good natural element. These are extracted from the ground by sandstone mining. Indian sandstone is very useful. It is a huge stone. It is found in different states of India. .

This Indian sandstone is in different colors. It is found in different places with different quality. Indian lime is used in many ways like homes, mortars, temples, walls, buildings and more. Sandstone is also produced for the purpose of building construction and rectangle-export.

Indian sandstone are of different lug type that are used. Its following types are given below-

Beige Sandstone
Natural Brown Sandstone
Chocolate Sandstone
Kandla Grey Sandstone
Mint Fossil Sandstone
Panther Sandstone
Pink Sandstone
Rainbow Sandstone
Raj Green Sandstone
Agra Red Sandstone
Ripppon Sandston

Sand stone is found on the surface of the earth in different colors. These colors are polished to make them beautiful and attractive. The following are the colors found in Indian sandstone –

Dholpur Beige
Bansi Pink
Agra Red
Jodhpur Red
Sagar Black
Teak Wood
Lalripur Yellow
Gwalior Mint
Jodhpur Pink
Fossil Sandstone

Indian sandstones are found in various states of India. Here are the states where it is mined-

Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Rajasthan (Jodhpur, Bhilwara, Kota, Dholpul, Karoli, Jiselmer, Nagaur etc.)

Here Indian sandstone has been described, like its color, types and said that this stone is found. By the way, stone is used for various construction work. Indian sandstone are used by artists. They come and make these stones.

These stones are shaped by making statues, which increases their value. Apart from this, it is also done in other areas. They are also imported and exported in different countries. This brings money to merchants.

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