National Selfie Day 2021, Quotes, Images, Caption, Selfie Hashtag

National Selfie Day 2021, National, International, Selfie Day, Quotes, Images, Caption and Selfie Day hashtag find online.

National Selfie Day 2021, Quotes, Images, Caption, Selfie Hashtag
National Selfie Day 2021, Quotes, Images, Caption, Selfie Hashtag

For today’s 21st century generation Technology and other equipment are also feasible and easily accessible, that I guess, they do each and every work using Technology, computer mobile phones and laptops. These Technologies are a way to help for the students out there, they use it for self study purpose, entertainment purpose or to enhance or grow their social network, make new friends and for this there are various platforms for doing all the above things. For example for study they have Google, Wikipedia and other search engines from where they can study and solve their query surf through the internet and through which they can find appropriate answers of their queries and can study in a better way. Other ways through which technology is a great help is the entertainment-purpose nowadays, people usually watch movies, web series, YouTube videos on YouTube various apps.

Selfie Day 2021, Quotes, Images, Caption, Selfie Hashtag

Now these are the things very common to all the people, but another thing that has also taken a great place today in our lives is — ‘SELFIE’!!! Don,’t you guys agree on that? I mean like for every purpose, we need a selfie; the youth is so much engrossed with this single thing that wherever they find something interesting they always tend to take a selfie. Whether it is a function, holiday trip, family get together, old friends reunited, any party– it always ends up having a selfie at the end! No doubt we all have followed the trend very keenly including elders too!! And we all do it!! Some say they take selfies for making memories with their friends and families, one does it to post on Social networks, whereas some say that they like to share every moment of their life in their social network with selfies and stuff, others just want to show off.!! (No- offence) It is about perspective with whatever view we take a selfie, it concludes that we all love taking selfies, and we kind of enjoy also taking selfies.

May be out of self-love or may be out of emotions of joy. Because you see selfies are not just some bitmap images, but on the other hand, they are memories– they are memories of the past which we can store in our mobile, and we can surf on them in future to Reconcile all the memories, all the facts of the past and rejuvenate with the feelings of love and emotions. A selfie is important nowadays, people usually take selfies and post them on the internet, and so, we also celebrate a selfie day worldwide……. 

This day is celebrated on 21st June every year. On this day people usually post selfies of different kinds of innovative ideas on the internet and spread their creativity on the internet. Some take selfies with their mothers, fathers, friend’s relatives extra or some might just post selfies of theirs while touring or travelling with nice backgrounds of Mountain, seas, hotels and other. So, it’s just an individual’s way how do he /she celebrate the ‘selfie day.” Now for common people out there who are not usually not much active on social network selfie day is of not much importance to them, but let me tell you this day is of great importance to all those who are social– Geeks. These bloggers, YouTubers, TikTokers (well TikTok is banned now in India) anyway, find selfie day on some other level. Not in a Negative sense but generally it is important to them, because they are very much popular among people, and they post each and every tit-bit of their lives on social networks.

 Let’s take a look at the history of selfie at world selfie day. In the early month of 1839 American photographer Robert Cornelius took a selfie. Robert Cornelius set his camera and took a photo by taking away the lens camp, and walking into the frame. Which is now called selfie. The term selfie was first used in 2013 after this. The Oxford dictionary in 2013 included the selfie word. The meaning of the word selfie is “own photography” which has been clicked by someone with his smartphone or camera. Tell you that term selfie was also awarded the world of the year.

 So selfie day is something that they would love to enjoy, they would love to post the pictures all through the day, do something interesting so that they could increase their followers. It’s about perspectives. So let’s take a selfie this selfie day, post on social network –something interesting, let’s do something creative on this day –click a photo of yours with interesting backgrounds, and show them on the internet with people around. upload status, let’s do all of this in unity- so that selfie day also turns out to be one enjoyable day in each one’s life. It is a day to create awareness among the people, share ideas and encourage all in the field of photography.

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