Shigmo Festival 2022, Images, Wishes, Quotes

In Goa, festivals between people of different religions and caste are celebrated with great pomp. Shigmo is one of the major festivals of Hindus in India which is mainly celebrated in Indian state of Goa. This is a big festival in Goa which is also called shishir utsava. This is a spring festival which is commemorated by the Konkani Diasporas in Goa and most importantly the Hindus festival of Holi, is a part of this auspicious festival. This festival is celebrated in two variations. In those one is the dhakto shigmo it means small shigma and the other one is vadlo shigmo it means big festival of shigmo. The festival of shigmo is divided according to the categories of peoples like generally this festival is celebrated by the farmers, poor peoples, labor class peoples and rural populations but vadhu shigmo is commemorated by the middle class peoples and greater consequence celebrated together by everyone. Recent year’s government has given the public holiday on the festival of shigmo in Goa state. On this precious occasion of shigmo people celebrate a public holiday in school colleges, and all the areas of working. 

Shigmo Festival 2020, Images, Wishes, Quotes

We can wish peoples on the day of shigmo by giving lots of items to poor peoples, labor class peoples, and lots of needy peoples like some grocery items, some clothes footwear houses or many things which they need to have. In the fair of shigmo we can distribute to poor people’s lots of sweets, fruits, many types of different toys, sholls, and lots of things in the wishes of shigmo. Generally we can wish them by saying some simple words like happy shigmo to all my dear friends, and my family may god bless you may God give you all the happiness of the world what you deserve and complete all the dreams in your life. May your child’s get all the higher success in their life. We can give wishes by spending lots of time with them which makes them happy. This is a memorable day for them if we do this. We can give wishes to poor peoples and labor people by celebrating this auspicious shigmo festival with them. We can wish poor people on the precious occasion of shigmo in Goa by sharing some sweet old memories and by listening to lots of their old and poor memories of them. These ways make them happy on this day of shigmo. We should understand their poverty, and we should do something for them to clean poverty in our India. So, I hope this article will be helpful for you if you heartily want to make them happy and wish for poor people on the sweet festival of Hindus which is shigmo in Goa. During the shigmo festival, the portrayal of traditional folk dances and mythological scenes through the parade throughout the state is an important center of attraction. The department said that during festivals people wear colorful dresses; hoist colored flags and play Musical instruments like dhol, Tasha and flute, etc.

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