Indian slate tile

Indian slate tile

Every person wants to make the house a heaven and decorate it like a heaven. Home is the most valuable asset of everyone. Home is a primary need. Today we will talk about similar Indian slate tiles on our page.

Indian slate tile is used in making and walls of the house. These tiles make the house attractive. Because these tiles are natural. We are all connected to the page.

These Indian slate tiles are different colored tiles. These tiles are tiles in different designs. These tiles are very fine particles. They are kept very carefully.

It is of three ways, of 1st quality and of second quality and of third quality. The one that is of first quality is the slate tile of the best quality. The second is of medium quality and the third is of low quality.

These slate tiles are found more in North India. Polish the slate tiles by making them shine. These tiles are dug out of rocks.

Their rectangles are also fixed. Here it is mentioned about the slate tiles, what color it is, which is found in the banks of India.

Indian slate tiles are of different types-

Kund Multi
Indian Autumn
MC Red
Peacock Multi
Chocolate Milk
Multi Pink
Rustic Autumn
Black wood/ Ocean wood
J Multi
California Gold
Jack Black

Slate tiles are mined in the following states of India. These tiles are sold at good prices-

Rajasthan (Alwar, Bharatpur, Tonk, Swai Madhopur, Pali, Udaipur, Churu, Chittorgarh,
Himachal Pradesh
Aandhra Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh

This is a good, these India slate tiles are very attractive. They are especially used in big houses and hotels. When these slate tiles are applied on the floor and walls, the walls and floors look beautiful.

They are mined on the high star. The purpose of mining these slate tiles is to sell them and earn money from them. It is a natural resource. This is why these traders get a good price.