Sohrai Festival 2022, Images, Quotes, Wishes

Sohrai is the festival of Santhal community people. This is the harvest festival which is very important for all of them. At this festival Santals worship and pay homage to their Gods. This is the way of Thanking God for providing those crops cattle and everything which helps them in harvesting. This festival means a lot for all santals. This festival is most celebrated by santhals in Jharkhand and West Bengal. The name of this festival has derived from the Paleolithic age word which is soro, meaning to drive with a stick. This festival is mainly celebrated for 5 days. This is a traditional festival. Mainly the date of the festival is decided by the village headman after Consulting with the elders of the village. There is no fixed date of celebrating this festival. The date of the festival is decided according to traditions. During 5 days daily a different tradition is observed. During this festival it is also said that women decorate walls of social arts. According to them this brings good luck. From that sohrai art originated and added to the culture and traditions of India. This festival is very important for them all so this year which makes each other very happy sohrai. I wish you all a very happy sohrai. 

May this year this festival brings a lot of happiness and joy in your life. You all may have a very great Sohrai this year. May this year God helps you more in harvesting, and bringing prosperity in your and all of your loved one’s life. You also make a very great beginning while taking my warm wishes, and spreading it to all. I wish that this sohrai brings good luck in your life and fills colors in all of your life. I wish this year God will fulfill all your prayers and dreams which you had ever desired. As we know this is the most important festival for all of us. Say, thank you to God for giving us that much my bottom of your heart. Celebrate this sohrai with all your loved ones, family, and friends. I hope this year this festival marks the beginning of a very good harvesting and brings a lot of prosperity in all of your life.

 Always try to celebrate these festivals by performing all the traditions and Customs because this brings more fun and happiness in celebrating this festival. Always be with your loved ones during this festival because these make our festival more memorable. Always try harder to achieve more. This year pray to God for helping you more in harvesting. May, this sohrai take your worst things away. On this day, by worshiping bulls and buffaloes, the peasant class demands an increase in wealth. On this day farmers class paint and decorate the cow shed with cow during and mud. After they are worshiped. The sohrai festival is a symbol of our culture, and civilization. This festival establishes a deep love between animals and humans. The festival is a special festival for the natives of India.

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