Stylish Waterproof Footwear in Mansoon


we all love a nice refreshing spring rain. In this season, it is very difficult to style anytime. You can cover yourself with an umbrella and just because of this you can take care of your fashionable clothes. But what about your footwear? Your feet get polluted in dirty water and slick passage. You can’t wear stylish heels in this season.

Office worker ladies are now taking their footwear in their bags and try to make their way with very simple footwear that are very perfect for this season. Most of persons give preference to Flip – Flops according to this season. Streets are get rainy in this season and walking on this street in slippers make your feet in mud sensation. So, use your Flip – Flops when you are going for the outings and office that can give comfort you in rainy water.

It is a very challenging question for everyone that what should I wear in rainy season? There are numerous ways for you in which you can choose waterproof footwear. Waterproof footwear is typically made of rubber or impermeable plastic that water rolls off of. It is available in multiple colours. In this mansoon, leather and stilettos should be avoided. If you want to go for height, then try for the platform heels that keep your feet save and comfort. Socks are also be avoided.

We brought for you some stylish waterproof footwear. Have a look:

T – Strap Sandals

This is a very popularized for any occasion. The style featured a pointed toe with a strap that reached toward the ankle from the center of the toe to a horizontal strap circling the ankle. It is according to the mansoons. It is available in various colours. For the party-wear look, you can go for neon or black colours. Otherwise it is available in read, yellow, pink and other colours. You can also try for neutral shades.




These boots are very common in contemporary society among farmers, hunters, outdoors enthusiasts and others. These are usually worn when walking on wet or muddy ground, or to protect the wearer from heavy showers and puddles. It is now available in multiple colours and shades. In this type of boots, you can also choose for length. Now most of the people like to wear it in floral prints instead of neon and other colours. By using this your feet are staying clean and dry.



It is a very lightweight shoe designed specially for women’s feet. It may be made from soft leather, canvas or satin but it is very flexible or comfortable in mansoon. It can be wear everywhere either go for outing or somewhere else. For the rainy season, Plastic ballets with cut-work and rubber ballies in new colours are the best.


Rubber Sneakers 

It is a type of footwear with a flexible sole made of rubber or synthetic material. Now, people wear it everyday. You can wear it with casual outfit like shorts and denim. It is available in 12 colours and floral print. You can find out a variety of this footwear everywhere.


Now say, What type of footwear do you like to wear in this mansoons? Make your mansoon very fantastic and amazing with various colours and style of waterproof footwear.

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