Tell Me A Joke

Tell me a Joke are helpful in making us laugh. Whoever has the power in the phone, when we want to hear what we say to our friend or someone, let me tell someone.

Tell me a Joke is very funny. Because they are for fun as soon as they are done. As we all know, fun is of importance in our life. It keeps every bad situation away from us. We deal with every difficulty – with these jokes.

Tell me a joke gives us a different feeling which becomes our courage and motivates us to move forward. Jokes change the negative environment so that we feel good.

Tell me a joke is that we like and who bring a smile to our face. A smile removes all the evils of our lives. Which is good for me.

When we are happy, we are positive energetic knuckles. It is the result of this jokes that gives freshness to our thinking. Life without fun is boring. In boring life, we can only remain simple and upset.

There is no time or place for sure tell me a joke, but for someone who wants only someone who will be happy to listen. By the way, whose main job is to please.

Tell me a joke also brings strength in our relationship because we like to be with those who keep us happy. And if we are happy, then we also have a duty to keep them happy.

Tell me a joke is a helpful source for fun. There is no definite age of fun. Jock brings a new energy in us. When we are sad we leave. But when we are happy again, we start anew to complete any work. All these activities make our life better.

Here are some similar Tell me a joke. You can do this with your friends, cousins ​​and special people. This will keep both you and them happy.

Tell me a Joke is helpful in making us laugh. Tell me a Joke is very funny. Tell me a joke is a helpful source for fun.