Tulsi Pujan Diwas 2021, Images, Quotes, Wishes

Tulsi Pujan Divas 

When the entire world is celebrated Christmas day on 25th December, some Hindus celebrate Tulsi Pujan Divas on 25 December every year in India. Tulsi is also known as Holy Basil or Ocimum Tenuiflorum in that it is a scientific name. Tulsi is used for prayers in temples and on other auspicious occasions tulsi is used because of its pharmaceutical value. According to Hindu beliefs, it is considered that having a tulsi plant outside the home brings prosperity and welfare in home. Tulsi plays a very significant role and has very importance in Hindu authority mainly because of its medicinal value and has the ability to treat various diseases. Tulsi Pujan Divas are initiated by Guru Asaramji from 25 December 2014. Any worship of Lord Vishnu is considered as incomplete without the use of Tulsi. Ayurveda also uses Tulsi in most of its medicines because Tulsi can fight against bacterial and viral infections and can also cure the face diseases. Tulsi is considered a very auspicious plan in Hinduism. In Indian culture it has a great importance and pure value and considered it as goddess. The plant of Tulsi symbolizes purity, promotes longevity and happiness. Tulsi Vivah is different from Tulsi Pujan which falls on twelfth day or Dwadashi during the Shukla Paksha in the month of Kartika according to Hindu calendar. This day immortalized the marriage of Lord Vishnu to Tulsi plant, which is also said to be an incarnation of goddess Lakshmi.

Tulsi Pujan Divas 2020, Images, Quotes, Wishes

Wishing you a very happy Tulsi Pujan Divas. May, goddess Tulsi bless you with all the happiness and prosperity. On the occasion of Tulsi Pujan we wish you and your family that may the goddess Tulsi give you good health, wealth, peaceful life and strength to face the problems. Tulsi is considered as a very good antioxidant that prevents accumulation of bad cholesterol and fights with free radicals in the body. It is believed that the presence of Tulsi will prohibit the evil spirits from entering the house. May the goddess Tulsi keep you and your family away from the evil spirits and give the strength to overcome every kind of problem. Tulsi plant and its leaves with its unique and strong fragrance is said to cleanse the environment and provide a peaceful and healthy atmosphere. Happy Tulsi Pujan Divas, may goddess Tulsi shower on you and your family all its blessings and your home become equivalent to heaven because of worship of goddess Tulsi. 

On the occasion of Tulsi Pujan Divas, everyone gives their heartfelt greetings to each other and worship together at Tulsi plant. From the worship of Tulsi plant on the prosperous day of Tulsi Pujan Divas which will be coming on 25th DECEMBER, 2020, Goddess Tulsi blesses people to deal with diseases and give a good health and a satisfactory life. On this day, all the members of the family worship Tulsi plant together in the morning. They keep a tulsi plant on their balcony in a clean place and offer water to it. After that, they all together perform aarti of Tulsi mata. While watering plants, a Shloka should also be read, that is, “aadhi vyadhi hara nityam Tulsi twam namostute.” After that, they take 7 or 11 walks around the plant and keep meditation on Tulsi Mata for 10-15 minutes. Sindoor, rice, Prasad and flowers are also offered to Tulsi Mata. Then the Prasad is distributed to all the members of the family. People perform breathing exercises in front of the Tulsi plant because it is considered that this plant provides more oxygen compared to other plants. Tulsi is used as the most common ingredients in many Indian home remedies. Thus, Tulsi Pujan has a great importance in the India and many people are in the fever of celebrating the Tulsi Pujan Divas on 25th December instead of Christmas day. 

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