12 Unique Diwali 2020 Celebration Ideas

In our country, Hindu religion celebrates many festivals, which have special Diwali festival; Diwali is the only festival in which all people celebrate each other, you can use 12 unique Diwali 2020 celebration ideas, celebrate something to each other in the joy of this festival, so that the festival itself doubles its joy.

On Diwali 2020 celebration ideas

There are different types of people all around their ways of celebrating Diwali is also different.

Some of the ideas to celebrate Diwali 2020

1. You can organise function for your friend and family.

Diwali is in religious festival which we all knows very well other than it on this festival all of us meet our loved ones so it is a good idea of celebrating Diwali that we usually select a place and invite all your loved ones there because of our busy lives we don’t get time for our family and friends so if we will organise a function then we can meet all of them together we can distribute gifts easy to each other and can have a lot of fun together having family and friends together will make a Diwali more special.

2. Get a gift for yourself.

On the eve of Diwali we all buy gifts for our loved ones to make them happy but we should buy gifts for our self because if we want to make others happy so fastly we should be happy after first priority should be ourselves we should buy all the necessary things we want to make a Diwali happy we can only celebrate diwali good when we are happy so except buying gifts for others firstly by it for yourself bring whatever gift for yourself you had long desired the idea is to treat yourself to feel special because our self satisfaction is the most important after that satisfaction you became happy and to celebrate your day with full of joyness you should be happy.

3. Donating are thanks to poor ones and spending some time with them.

We all celebrate our Diwali with our family members and friends we all war new dresses new shoes and etc but how many poor peoples are there not having that all we can donate them the things which are not now useful for us as we all are having some of the clothes shoes Jewellery items etc which we are not using from last 2-3 years or now we don’t need them.

 If we can effort some new things so we should donate them that also so that they can also celebrate the festival of Diwali happily as we all know that blessings are the most powerful and if we will give some happiness to others we will also definitely get happiness. 

Besides donating these things we can also spend some time with them so that they become happy. We can play with the children’s orphanage and spread joy and happiness to them with our family.

4. Celebrating Diwali by natural and traditional way.

At today’s time there are a lot of things available in market to decorate our homes but I accept using those we should light diyas with family make rangoli decorate our houses with candles and lamps this will also save our electricity and it will also give a nice and unique look to our home we should make homemade sweets and distribute those to others and also to needy once we should not use any of the chemical related things to decorate our houses because that all are harmful to us and nature also that’s how we can celebrate the Diwali naturally.

5. Get disconnect from social media.

As we all know Diwali come in a year for once but we all got busy in our phones posting pictures and etc we should not do that all we should leave phone for one day and give our whole time to our family and the real peoples so that they can also got happy we should take a small break from a social media and make some pure and beautiful memories with our loved ones we should left the time we are having now hoping for next can destroy today also spend your whole day with family and friends and make your Diwali special with special ones.

6. Celebrate by helping each other.

As we all know that on the day of Diwali all the ladies are busy whole the day they have a lot of work in kitchen they have to prepare some special meals for the guest and Suites also they also have to manage the homes and decorate it and this all the forgot that Diwali is not only for others it is for them also so we should let them remind it by helping them in whole work if we all will help them the work will become easy and will be finished very soon and then we all can celebrate diwali together.

7. Organising competitions.

As we know that we all burn crackers on the day of Diwali to have fun but together having fun it is polluting our environment which is the biggest problem in today’s time we all should say no to crackers because they are very harmful and should celebrate harmless Diwali but the question is without burning cracker how the children and other will get fun so we can organize some competition for children and other people in this they can play have fun together and can enjoy. This is the way to celebrate Diwali without harming nature.

8. Hosting a dinner party for less privileged.

Many people plan dinner parties for their families and friends so why should not this year we plan a dinner party for fun and children who belong from poor families the happiness and smile day God by having that party will make you also happy in the year.

These were the sum of the ideas of celebrating Diwali and giving gifts to our loved ones. You can also do that all by your choice.

9. Celebrate with rickshaws driver and poor children.

 There are many colonies of Chandigarh peripheries. You can celebrate diwali with children even in these localities. Also, if you find a rickshaw puller or sell goods at a light point. Sweet mouth also makes you happy on diwali. Many children and people will find you around, too. This time with them also, let us celebrate the festival in a different way.

10. Can keep competition too.

 You don’t have to eat something great to make the party fun. You can keep many types of compaction with friends or relatives. No we are not talking about shivering in the game here. You can have a combination of rangoli making or decorating them.

11. Fill in the lives of others colours.

If you want to try to keep diwali in a slightly different fashion, try to paint it on others’ lives on diwali. Find a slum in the neighbourhood of your colony and celebrate diwali with the children. Make them sweet and give them some diwali gifts. Be sure to fill your life with colours and others’ lives on the occasion of diwali.

12. Can away. The loneliness of the elderly.

 Everyone is busy on the occasion of diwali. But there will be plenty of people around you who may not be able to come home on diwali due to their children abroad or in other cities. Of course, they may be feeling very lonely in their home. It’s a good idea to have diwali sweets and make them face sweeter, so there’s nothing more to offer them. With your own company, you celebrate every time you celebrate diwali, but this time others will be happy with themselves.

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