Vivaha panchami 2021, Images, Quotes, Wishes

Vivaha panchami

 Vivah panchmi is the festival which is celebrated by all Indians this is the day when Rama and Sita got married. This day is celebrated for their marriage and is named as Vivah panchami. This day each year is observed on the first day of Shukla paksha in the month of November to December as per Maithili calendar. This day is celebrated in temples and religious place with Shri Ram in Mithila region of India and Nepal. This festival has its own importance. This festival is celebrated with a lot of joyness by whole Indians. On this Vivah panchami everyone should wish Each Other and start this day full of positivity. This year Vivah Panchami festival will be observed on 1st of December on the day of Sunday. Our warm wishes of Vivah Panchami make our loved ones feel special.

Vivaha panchami 2020, Images, Quotes, Wishes

 Wishes — Wish you all a very happy Vivah panchami. I hope this year’s festival of Vivah Panchami brings a lot of joy and happiness in all of your life. This is very grand festival of Hindu community which is celebrated by all of us each year. On this day we all do worship of Lord Rama and goddess Sita and celebrate this day of their wedding. This year I pray god will listen all of your problems and sort it out. May God bless you and bring prosperity in your family life. Celebrate and worship on this day with bottom of your heart May god listens to all your wishes, and they come true. In Ayodhya Vivah Panchami festival is celebrated in a very grand way as we all know this was a birthplace of Lord Rama. A lot of devotees of Lord Rama and Sita celebrate this day which full of joyness. We all share love and joy on this day by sending wishes to our loved ones on social networking sites like Whatsapp Instagram Hike etc. These are not just messages these are our feelings which we are expressing through words.

 On this day many people even organized such devine marriages in their homes or community. This day is considered as highly auspicious to participate in marriage celebration. It is said that marriages organized on this day got successful foreshore and their married life become more beautiful full of peace and prosperity. This is the reason by many people love to participate in marriage on this day. On this Vivah panchami everyone should also wish your loved ones, and Friends a Very Happy Vivah panchami give your blessings to all. The believed that reciting Ramcharitmanas on this day makes family life happy. The combined form of Lord Shri RAMA and mother sita is worshipped on the day of the marriage panchami. It is believed that doing so removes all the hurdles coming into the marriage. On this day it is considered auspicious to read the marriage of Lord Rama and sita in ramcharitmanas and in childhood. This gives happiness to the family.

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