What things should we keep in mind while building a new house?

What things should we keep in mind while building a new house?

There are many things we should keep in mind while building a new house in city or village. It doesn’t matter where are you building a new house, but these common things must keep in mind while building a new house.

First look at the newly built houses of many people .. Then get the best map of your house!

Always keep in mind the reasons you have broken the old house (the house is let down by the road, the doors are damaged, the old walls, the cracks in the house, lack of facilities).

What things should we keep in mind while building a new house?

  1. Make sure to keep the roofs at least 11–11.5 feet high so that you will have a provision to raise the house higher in the future when a new road is built!
  2. The water should be detected when the tank is filled, so the drainage pipe should be in the kitchen or at some place from where the tanki filling is known.
  3. It is considered good to leave the house for some time by putting Bharat (by adding soil) first so that the soil freezes
  4. Putting a border of tiles up to 3 feet in the rooms and lobby does not remove the color and removes the softness!
  5. Mistri is good and experienced… Many people are not able to make a house good by applying the wrong mistery to save money in it.
  6. Get your water pipes thoroughly tested, if it has melted, then change it before building the house.
  7. Apply material branded and durable, houses are not built again and again! You may have to regret a lifetime for saving a little money!
  8. Dry the wood thoroughly for 3–4 months before making wooden doors!
  9. If the walls of the four walls of the house are of masonry of mud clay, then get them masonry of cement (walls on their side)!
  10. Make the kitchen open and wide so that there are no problems while cooking.
  11. Make sure to have AC fitting everywhere so that it does not break later
  12. Get the work done…. Even if you think of applying misteri, your spirit will not be shaken nor will you come to mistery for minor tasks!
  13. Do whatever work is done by heart and take care of your pocket! People will never be happy! You have lived! You should be satisfied and happy with the amenities of your home!
  14. According to your needs, first get the map made.
  15. Get the trust done through an eligible contractor
  16. Take special care of the quality of the material used in building the house.
  17. Must monitor the work
  18. Take special care of the work done
  19. If houses are built in the neighborhood, then keep in mind that there is no damage to their house while digging the foundation.
  20. Keep the material in such a way that the visitors do not suffer.
  21. Firstly build a temporary / permanent tank for water
  22. Make arrangements to keep the cement covered so that it does not spoil in the rain.
  23. The cost is about one and a half or double the cost of the house builder, so the arrangement of money should be made in the past.

Apart from this, many other types of precautions have to be taken, which come in the course of work. Thank you .

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