World Day of Music 2021, June 21, Quotes, Status, Images

World Day of Music 2021, June 21, 2021, Quotes, Wishes, Photos, Status, World Day of Music Hashtag find online.

Significance and History

 The day of music or the World Music day is celebrated on 21st June every year throughout the world. In 1982, French Minister of Culture Jack Lang initiated the idea of celebrating the music festival. And since then this day is celebrated every year as the World Music Day with a very delightful mood, and everyone rejoices on this day. Another reason for celebrating this day is that in 1976, American musician Joel Cohen for pointing out the beginning of summer peak organized an all night music celebration.

After that the entire world celebrates World Music Day on 21st June. Now, this day has become so popular that almost 130 countries throughout the world with participants from almost 1000 cities celebrate this day and take part in events. Argentina, Australia, Britain, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Costa Rica, China, India, Lebanon and other various countries celebrate this day with pomp and show. 

Need of Music Day 

This is a well said line that “we can’t touch music, but music can touch us.” As soon as we listen to some lyrics of our favorite music, our body starts moving. Whenever we are in a bad mood, then music has the ability to lift our spirits. World Music Day is needed to be celebrating because this fills our mind and heart with a satisfying mood. In the modern world, despite the age criteria, from younger to older persons love to listen to music that gives wings to our thoughts and inventiveness. The Foremost reason behind the celebration of World Music Day is to promote music so that professional musicians perform the music in streets, parks, stadiums and also, they can organize events or concerts not for the money but for entertainment and can provide all types of music to the worldwide public. Because the idea is to boost up or cheer for the music, most of the concerts are without entry tickets. 

How to celebrate this day 

On world music day, professional musicians organized their events in streets, parks, stadiums and other public places. The best thing behind the celebration of this day, you are completely free to take part in music concerts, and also with the whole family involved. It has a big opportunity for us to listen to that kind of music that we generally would not listen to. Around 150 artists from over 16 countries like France, Nepal, Italy, Thailand and India are performing at various venues.

Young singers and players love to play their musical instruments in public or recreational areas to entertain the listeners. It is a day to honor our great musicians, and amateurs. It is a day for younger people to come forward and show their talent. However, due to Coronavirus, lockdown and social distancing, this year it is very unlike to celebrate this day like earlier people used to celebrate World Music Day. Although, for entertainment some organizations and companies can organize virtual concerts and competitions to celebrate World Music Day. So, people love to enjoy this day with their near and dear ones. 

The importance of Music Day

 Music has a great importance in everyone’s life because it eliminates the stress or problems from our life. And keep us away from all kinds of worries. It is very beneficial to us. Music is a kind of weapon to fight against the mental health issues and it helps us to sleep better. Most of the people have the habit of listening to music while doing exercise or workout so they can get the better impact of that. There are various kinds of inspirational music, so the people can concentrate effectively in their work. It is well said that our lives are incomplete without music.

Our favorite music can turn us from sadness to happiness, full of stress and worries to less stress and tension free, energetic, and relaxed. Students also have the habit of listening to music while learning that is profitable for them with great memorization. Music can make our mind creative and with a creative mind we can make innovations and discoveries. Therefore, World Music Day plays a very vital role in our life. It has a great importance because people enjoy this day with their families and make fun with a delighted music night. This day can be said as a festival that we can celebrate with our families, and give them time which normally we can’t do in our daily routine.

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