World Energy Conservation Day 2020

World Energy Conservation Day 2020

This day is celebrated on 14th December. This day was launched in 2001 by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Energy Conservation means to avoid the unnecessary use of energy so that energy can be saved for the future. Every person has to put their step forward to save energy then only it will create a difference. This day is celebrated to promote this day, a variety of energy conservation competitions or painting competitions are organized by the government . These events are held at state or national level .  “Today’s energy wastage is tomorrow’s energy shortage “.

World Energy Conservation Day 2020

 Move your eyes around and look at several things that you are occupied within your environment, in our surroundings…so, you probably are surrounded by things of the sort: tube light, air- conditioner, refrigerator, or maybe mobile phones, charges, earphones, washing machine, etc….. so, you would find these are the things which are of great importance for us because they are of great utility to us. We almost carry out each and every activity, or function of ours through these devices— like if we enter into a room to find something or may be to study, we immediately turn on the light is we may turn on the fan if in case it’s really hot outside, or may drink cold water stored in the refrigerator. But have you ever thought how these materialistic things work?

Yes they are made of natural resources like iron and steel but what’s that which is making them function or move as per they are designed.?? This is where the importance of energy arises, when we switch on the button it is that ‘electrical energy, ‘ which flows through the wires, and reaches to these devices or equipment which then enters into this device’s energy area and then flows through those equipment and makes the whole thing function as per our Desire. Certainly this energy is vital for them to function and so is the most important thing on earth, perhaps. This energy is derived from natural resources and scientists say that these are naturally available and not man made, and so, they are the biggest gift from God to you humans. 

The biggest source of energy for us is the sun, the ultraviolet ray travelling from the sun far wide reaching to the Earth surface charges the earth’s atmosphere and provides energy to one and all. Plants absorb this energy to produce food, we humans absorb sunlight and drive vitamin D from it nowadays we have also devised solar power plants through which we convert the solar energy into electrical energy. Electrical energy, hydro energy, nuclear energy are some other forms of energy. And so as it marks of great importance in our life we even celebrate a day to mark its importance that is the world Energy Conservation Day. So, it is celebrated on 14 December each year worldwide. People who are professionals in the field of Geology, or are into science and other related departments who basically understand the importance of energy in our lives celebrate the day.

In school students celebrate it through debates or by carrying out various Inter -School activities where their topic revolves around energy conservation. Due to which students are motivated, and also the present generation gets knowledge towards the importance of resources in our life. This day is not just a celebration day, but also an alarming Day for all of us so that we could remember and can get awareness towards the conservation of natural resources, as scientists say that human consumption is increasing widely and that these resources would be exhausted, one day. So to bring back that awareness and awakening in one and all it is important to debate on the topic in particular it is important to mark a day in our calendar to increase awareness. They are a no. of small things we are being told on this day… to save electricity, save water, through minimizing their use in our life. If each one of us does so, only then we will be able to conserve resources for our future generation. 

On this day I wish you all to be aware of all the circumstances that we would face if resources are no more with us, I also wish that all the people out there in the society who are not that much indulged with the problems our society is facing nowadays should get more awakening and knowledge about the topic that our resources are less and are very limited and are soon going to be exhausted. , we need to use them wisely today so that we are able to conserve them for a future generation only then we will be able to make our lives better in future otherwise it would become a very hasty situation for us, as assumed by scientists. And for this they have also devised a term ‘sustainable development, ‘ which also limits the hand of Government and big MNCs who develop and grow use these resources in a very Wayward manner wasting a lot of resources.

So sustainable development means development by seeking the needs of the future it means that we should consume resources, but we should use it effectively and efficiently so that we are able to save it for our future generation. So on this day I wish that schools also participate on this day and engage all of their students in some activities so that the students are also able to know about the importance of energy, colleges may organize Inter College activities to awaken older children. We on our level can start thinking about ways through which we can conserve, So I Conclude that world Conservation Day is an important day for all of us as we are call linked with nature so, it is responsibility of each one of us to protect it, save it which would have course would be beneficial for us.

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