World Handicapped Day 2020 Quotes, Speech, Images

World Day of the handicapped 2020 is on 3rd December. On this day you need World Handicapped Day 2020 Quotes, Speech, Images and more content.

World Handicapped Day 2020 Quotes, Speech, Images
World Handicapped Day 2020 Quotes, Speech, Images

This day is celebrated on 3rd December .Handicapped are the people who do have a physical disability. This day has been promoted by the United Nations since 1992.  The aim of this day is to promote an understanding of disability issues and support for the dignity , rights and well being of the people who are suffering from any kind of physical disability . This day also spread the awareness of gains to be derived from the integration of persons with disabilities in every aspect political, social, economic and cultural. Every year this day is celebrated for different issues faced by handicapped people.

World handicapped day 2020

The international disable day was being celebrated in the month of December occasionally on the third December. This day is celebrated in the observance of the handicaps. This day is being nominated by the United Nations general assembly resolution 47/3 in the observance to support the handicaps or disables.

This observance is recognized in the year of 1992. This recognition is observed to promote the disability issue and mobilize support for the dignity and well-being of a person with disabilities. In addition to their self-respect, health, rights and their co-operation in society, this day’s celebration aims at improving an understanding of the entire world towards the issue of disability of the people. The world disabled day celebration every year focuses on the different issues faced by people with disabilities all over the world. 

On the previous day of international disable day we can wish someone who was disable by gifting them the most beautiful handmade card which was decorated by the flowers of paper or by the flowers of plastic we can also decorate the card by the ribbons of paper as well as ribbon of rubber, In that card we can write inspirational thoughts like” the human spirit is a one of ability preservable and courage that no disability can steal away.” Or short messages like, “disability is a matter of perception,” we can also Inspire our disable brothers and sisters about what they can do and what they matter for a perfect man. And if you are a donor then you can also donate your body parts on the auspicious day of international disable day.

We can give wishes to our loved ones who be handicap by spending time with them, by sharing some special thoughts with them. We can wish for someone who is disabling by his body part by organizing a greater event in which we can motivate them for their remaining life, we can inspire them by sharing some tips of lifestyle in their own way. 

We can send wishes by playing some games with them, by spending our little time making them special. We can give wishes to handicaps by giving some different types of flowers bouquet, by giving some needy items like wheelchairs, stands, any other machinery for exercise, etc. On the auspicious occasion of handicap day we can give wishes to handicaps by giving lots of charity like clothes, footwear, fruits, chocolates for handicap children’s, or many other things in hospitals, handicap centers, etc. Also, we can donate our body parts like a little piece of kidney, blood, eyes, etc.

On this handicap day we should feel them happy, able for any work, and equal to any able person. We should give those lots of love, joy, fun. On this day we should pray for them, for their better long life, for their future, rejoice and also for their good health. On the precious occasion of handicap day we should do something special for them like a child, it can motivate them for their future goals.

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