World Hindi Day 2021

World Hindi Day

Languages are known as the source of communication with people. Hindi is one of the best languages. Hindi is the fifth most spoken language in the world. It is spoken in India, Nepal,Pakistan,Bangladesh,UK,Germany,etc.

World Hindi Day is celebrated on 10th January every year. This day is celebrated to make people aware about the language hindi. 

Today we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the World Hindi Day. The first celebration of the World Hindi Conference was held in Nagpur in 1975 on 10th of January. This Conference was organised to promote hindi all over the world. In this conference 122 Participants came from 30 countries for representation.

The idea of celebrating The World Hindi Day was commenced by the Former Prime Minister Of India, Dr.Manmohan Singh, in the year 2006 on 10th January.

On the World Hindi Day the Union Ministry of External Affairs [MEA], organises different programmes to promote hindi and its gratefulness to the world. The celebration of this day is done by organising several events by the Non-residential and Persons of Indian Origin.


Hindi is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is the fifth most spoken language in the world.

Hindi originated from the language SANSKRIT. Hindi is written in the DEVANAGARI Script, which is much influenced by Sanskrit. The standard form of Hindi is based on the KHAL BOLI DIALECT, found in the north and east of Delhi.

Braj Bhasha is also included in the Dialect of hindi. The Braj Bhasha was used for the laterally communication medium from the 15th to the 19th Century.

Awadhi,Bhojpuri,Bundeli,Marwari,Gujrati,Haryanvi,Maghi, etc, are also included in the Dialects of Hindi Language.

Language Hindi is often used in the Education System. Hindi is included in the syllabus of every school. Hindi is one of the main subjects of any school. Hindi is spoken in many schools. But still there is a problem in our education department that the school administration wants students to learn english and other foriegn languages to score better.


Hindi is called the national language of india. But india is a country where we have 29 states and every state has its own history,tradition,speciality and language. But still hindi is a common language in india. If a person is going from one state to another then he must have a problem in communicating with people. But the solution is hindi, because most of the people in india can speak and understand hindi. Communication becomes easier.

Here we have the states of India in which people can speak hindi.

UTTAR PRADESHHindi,Awadhi, Braj Bhasha, Khari Boli, Bundeli, Bhojpuri
RAJASTHANHindi,Rajasthani language
HARIYANAHindi,Haryanvi,Punjabi and Rajasthani
CHHATTISGARHHindi,Chhattisgarhi language
JHARKHANDHindi,Maithili and Santali
MADHYAPRADESHHindi,Bundeli,Khari Boli,Bagheli,Malvi.


Hindi is not the language that is used for communication purposes. It gives you a chance to build your future and career by hindi.

There are many jobs and posts which require people who know hindi perfectly. Some of them are given below:

1.Interpreter and Translator

2.Post Secondary Language Teacher

3.Technical Writer

4.Travel Agent



  • INTERPRETER AND TRANSLATOR: Interpreters and Translators are fluent in english and at least in one another language. If you choose hindi as your language then it will be better for your career. The Interpreters have to help two people or parties to understand each other’s language. Translators have to translate the written material or documents into another language. To become interpreters and translators you should get a bachelor’s degree and you can choose your specific area for work. The salary of an Interpreter or Translator is about $49,930.
  • POST SECONDARY LANGUAGE TEACHER: The Post Secondary Language Teacher has to work with students of universities and colleges and teach them the languages. To become a Postsecondary Teacher all you have to do is to get a Master’s Degree in hindi. All your responsibilities will be lesson planning,creating and getting exams, and grading the students. The salary of a Post Secondary Language Teacher is about $67,640.
  • TECHNICAL WRITER: Technical Writers have to write documents like how-to-manual, Instruction guides and journal articles. If you wish to be a Technical Writer then any Bachelor’s degree will allow you to be a Technical Writer. The salary of a Technical writer is about $71,850.
  • TRAVEL AGENT: If you want to become a travel agent then you should have a high school diploma. The travel agent’s job is very interesting. The travel agent has to meet the clients and help in planning for trips and vacations, within the country or abroad. If you choose hindi, then it will be beneficial for you to communicate with hosts and guides,in the hindi speaking places, and you can plan the activities for your clients. The salary of a travel agent is about $38,700.
  • ANTHROPOLOGIST: To become an anthropologist you need to have a master’s degree or P.h.d Degree in that field. The anthropologists are the experts in the study of humans, including their culture,history and their development all over the world. If you choose hindi as your language then it will help you in communicating with people at those places where people speak hindi. The salary of an anthropologist is around $62.410.
  • LAWYER: To become a lawyer you must attend the three year law program after getting an undergraduate degree and then pass a bar exam in the and then you hope to practice law. The lawyer has the job to help clients in navigating the legal documents and tell them the law. If any client has not a good knowledge of english,then a lawyer can help in hindi. The salary of a lawyer is about $120.910.

So as hindi is giving you opportunity to make your career then you should go for this.

On this world hindi day we wish that you will try to promote hindi and make hindi a part of your daily conversation. 

Hope you liked our article.

Happy World Hindi Day.

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