World Social Media Day 2020

World Social Media Day

Social Media plays a vital and important role in our daily life. In the old days we had Telephones, then Fax Machines and now we have Social Media for communication with our friends, family and our loved ones. Social media has become a part of everyday life. People use social media for an average of over 144 minutes per day.

World Social Media Day is celebrated on 30th of june every year all over the world. Mashable on 30th June 2010, launched the Social Media Day. It is celebrated to recognise the impact of social media on our lives and on global communication. This day was born to bring people together and celebrate it.

Social Media has become the heart of youngsters for communication. Today everyone has smartphones and everyone is active on every social media platform.


The first Social Media Application was EMAIL. In 1971 the first email was sent by a computer engineer Ray Tomlinson. It was a simple text message to himself. This was sent to a computer from a computer right besides it.

Then in 1986, an application came that was LISTSERV. It was proposed by Eric Thomas. In this some of the early software features allowed joining or leaving a list without any human administration. 

After these two apps, in 1988, a new app entered. It was IRC [Internet Relay Chat]. It was created by Jarkko Oikarinen. It was an application which allowed the ICR users to exchange text messages in real time by the internet. It was the first application which allowed more than one user to participate in a conversation.

Then in 2002, FRIENDSTER entered the social media world. It was the hottest thing in social networking. Google wanted to buy it in 2003 for $30 millions. This is regarded as the pioneer of social sites.

In 2004, FACEBOOK was launched by Mark Zukerberg. It is known as the king of social media, because no other social media site gained so much popularity as facebook. Today it has more than 2.4 million users.

Then a video streaming application YOUTUBE was founded in 2005 by former PayPal employees. It allows the users to download,upload, share and watch their favourite contents online.

In 2006, one more social media site was launched. TWITTER it is a site which is a bit different from all other social sites and platforms. It is a kind of social site where users can directly chat and connect to their favorite celebrities within 140 characters.

Then in 2009, a social media site was launched that we know by the name,WHATSAPP. It is one of the most popular sites. It is popular for its user friendly features. It is a messages and text exchange application. It is free for everyone.

After all these applications, a social media revolution came in 2010. A social media site INSTAGRAM was launched and it gave tough competition to FACEBOOK. In the age of selfies instagram became very popular. In this users can share,upload and create photos and send messages to each other and follow their loved ones.

In 2011,SNAPCHAT entered and it revolutionised the idea of stories and messages on social media. The stories, messages and photos disappear after 24 hours.

Then an application came. Which we know by TIC TOK. It is a video editing and sharing application. Which allows to make and share videos of users to others.


There are many types of social media. We have some of them here.

1.Social Networks

2.Media Sharing Networks

3.Social Blogging Networks

4.Discussion Networks

5.Review Networks

SOCIAL NETWORKS: One of the best well known social media is social networks. It allows users to share information,photos,videos and contents to social sites. It is also called a ‘relationship network’ because it helps in establishing relationships and connecting with people. Some examples are facebook,twitter,etc.

MEDIA SHARING NETWORKS: Media Sharing Networks are visual content sharing sites. Generally MSN focuses on sharing photos and videos. Media sharing networks focus solely on sharing. Examples of media sharing networks are instagram, youtube,etc.

SOCIAL BLOGGING NETWORKS:This type of social media is very useful and helpful for your business. Social blogging network allows the bloggers to publish their contents and an opportunity to connect with people and build relationships with them. 

DISCUSSION NETWORKS: Discussion networks is a special type of social media. It focuses on sharing and discussing news,information,opinions and contents. When we use discussion networks we learn to know about what people talk and discuss about and how they come to your industry or business. Examples of this are reddit and quora.

REVIEW NETWORKS: Social website’s one of the prime examples is Review Networking. It impacts your audience and it hundred percent depends upon them. Review marketing allows people to share information about their brands and business. It is very helpful for your business. Examples of review networks are Yelp and Glassdoor.


Social media also plays a vital role for the business. It helps to let people know about you and your business. 

Social media helps in growing your brand value by advertising on social sites you can increase the rate of your everyday business. Online shopping sites have a great opportunity for their business. People nowadays love to shop from home because it is easier and convenient for them.

So on this World Social Media Day come together and tell people the role and impact of social media in our everyday lives.

Happy World Social Media Day.

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