World Tsunami Awareness Day 2023 Theme

This day is celebrated on 5th November. As we all know that Tsunami is the natural calamity no one has control over it. We all have seen many countries such as Japan which are severely affected by this natural disaster. And so for creating awareness about this disaster this day is celebrated. In 2019, this day will promote the “Sendai Seven Campaign” it helps in reducing the damage which is caused by disaster and disruption of basic services. Early warning systems, education to save people during this disaster and protecting their belongings if there will be any natural calamity caused in future. So, awareness should be spread all over the world.

World Tsunami Awareness Day 2023

World Tsunami Awareness Day 2023 Theme
World Tsunami Awareness Day 2023 Theme

 World Tsunami Awareness Day is observed on 5th November every year. It is declared by the United Nations General Assembly in the year 2015 for spreading awareness about this devastating natural calamity across the world. Tsunami is a very large wave in the sea which is normally caused by the movements under the surface of the earth that can be called an earthquake. It destroys things when it reaches the land. It is the most dangerous natural disaster. If we talk about the tsunami incidents then according to estimation, there are around 58 tsunami incidents that have happened in the past 100 years which claimed almost 2.6 lakhs lives or an average of 4600 per disaster. The word Tsunami is depicted from the Japanese term, and it is made up of two words.

There are basically the two objectives behind the observation of this day. Firstly, this day is very significant to spread knowledge among the people across the world about the dangers of this disaster. Secondly, it is like an early warning system for the people, so that, can reduce the damage from this devastating natural calamity. Very few of us know that Japan is called the brainchild of World Tsunami Awareness Day because, in the earthquake of 1854, a Japanese farmer saw some signs of the intended Tsunami, and then he warned all the villagers and planned trees as a buffer against future waves. The proposal of celebrating this day is firstly given by Japan after the 3rd UN conference in March 2015. Tsunami is an unpredictable natural disaster and can destroy thousands of lives. 

World Tsunami Awareness Day 2020 Theme

Wishing you all a very happiest World Tsunami Awareness Day. Tsunami is a very deadly condition, and it is very important that people know about this dangerous natural disaster. On this day, I wish that people across the world increase their knowledge about the early warning system and resilience on infrastructure. May God bless them all the people to stay safe from this unpredictable calamity. We should try our best to spread the effect and destruction of this disaster so that people can take it seriously and do whatever they can do. Tsunami waves lost our economy along with the human beings. On this day, it is our duty to make people realize about this calamity so that they can give their contribution and help for nature accordingly. I want everyone to take care of our nature. So let’s take a path on this day on the World Tsunami Awareness Day to be further caring towards nature. It is well said that if we love nature then nature loves us back. I hope that we should take a pledge on this day that together we can fight against Tsunami so that we can provide a better and alive future to the public.

 Every year World Tsunami Awareness Day is celebrated throughout the world and every year this day has a different theme. On this day, various camps are organized to educate people, so that they can save themselves and can protect their assets against Tsunami risk in the future. A lot of people learn to use the early warning system to reduce the risk from this unpredictable natural calamity. Because it is not possible to eliminate this disaster properly, but we can certainly reduce the risk to an extent. The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) provides some early warning services, makes policies and practices reducing the risk or destruction through its Tsunami warning system. Therefore, this day is observed to protect the thousands of lives and is very important to the worldwide public.

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