World’s AIDS Day 2020 Theme, Slogan, Quotes, Images

World’s AIDS Day

World’s AIDS Day 2020 Theme, Slogan, Quotes, Images
World’s AIDS Day 2020 Theme, Slogan, Quotes, Images

This day is celebrated on 1st December. As we all know that AIDS is the human transmitted disease. This day is the opportunity for people all over the world to fight against HIV Each year on this day organisations and individuals all over the world create awareness and knowledge about AIDS. Government and health officials, non government organisations and individuals around the world celebrate this day to educate people about AIDS prevention  and control. This day is also one of the eight official global public health campaigns marked by WHO, world health day, world blood donor day etc.

About World AIDS Day

World AIDS day is celebrated on 1st December every year. It is caused to the human body by a disease called HIV that is, “Human Immunodeficiency Virus.” The main motive of this day is to direct the world to fight against HIV. There are many people who have died because of HIV related disease. This day is organized to remember those people and to support people who are facing HIV. World AIDS day was founded in 1988 and the first ever global health day. Since then, every year United Nations agencies, government and civil societies join to campaign around specific themes related to AIDS.

Red Ribbon

The red ribbon is the indication of HIV that is considered as a universal symbol of support and awareness for living with HIV. In India, the National AIDS Control Program (NACP) is a centrally sponsored scheme by the ministry of health and welfare, government of India for raising awareness about AIDS. On estimation, there are around 37.9 million people who have the virus. India has the third largest HIV infections in the world with 2.1 million people living with HIV. People who have AIDS are not respected in society and everywhere they have to face humiliation. It comes under the top five causes of death in the world records. Not only adults, but also children and newborns can also get affected by this disease. 

About World AIDS Awareness

 AIDS is the kind of disease that is hard to talk about with someone. I want that on this day, we remember those people who have lost their lives because of HIV related disease, and we should make efforts for a future without HIV and without ignorance with people who have HIV related disease. Death of a person due to ignorance and discrimination is more painful than death due to HIV. So, I wish we should not disrespect the person having this kind of disease and behave with them by humanity. Now it is time for people to take a stand against HIV. I want that on this day, people should tribute their prayers or commemorate those people who have died due to this illness. Wishing you a very happy world AIDS day. May, God bless those people who are facing HIV related illness. And we should also give our blessings to our doctors and scientists who are engaged in finding the treatment for this disease. On the world AIDS day, I wish that people living with HIV should be treated like other people in a discrimination or stigma free environment and with lots of care and inclusively. 

We should at least once try for the AIDS free world and be respectful with the people who are living with HIV related illness. On this day, I want to remind you that we can eliminate this disease which is threatening various lives by spreading knowledge and awareness about this disease. My warm wishes on the world AIDS day with those who are the victims of HIV. We can help them people together by hard work and try for a better tomorrow and can provide to our coming generations a world free from AIDS. On the 1st December, world AIDS day people tie red ribbons on their hands to raise their voice against HIV and to support people living with HIV. 

They make efforts to spread awareness and knowledge about this disease. The main purpose of celebrating this day is by organizing campaigns and programs to give a boost to our health facilities, and also to make good the condition of our health sectors towards HIV. On this day, the government also gives technical support to people who are engaged in implementing the ideas, and plans for prevention of HIV that include testing, counseling, and antiretroviral therapy. Different clinics and hospitals are also providing a free, medical checkup regarding AIDS on this day.

Students from schools or colleges also give their contribution to the campaign organized for prevention of AIDS or spreading awareness about it. It is an important day to remind the public and the government that people are still fighting with this disease. For eradication of this disease, increasing awareness, improving education and encouraging people for support is very important. Thus, world AIDS day is play a very vital role in the lives of people who have to live with HIV and to face always humiliation and discrimination because the main aim of government to celebrate this day is to reduce the number of patients having this disease with providing them appropriate treatment.

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